Malagash littleneck clams


Grown by the Purdy Family in Malagash, Nova Scotia, these little beauties are sure to be a perfect dinner treat! Or maybe they’re that last minute something you’ve been looking for your chowder!

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Product name: Malagash Littleneck Clams (Bay Enterprises Ltd.)

Scientific name: Mercenaria mercenaria

Supplier(s): The Purdy Family

Method: cultivated

Location: Malagash, Nova Scotia

Web contact: Bayenterprisesltd-facebook

General description:

The Purdy family has been growing oysters since 1867, but Charles Purdy along with his wife Nancy and daughter Rachel, founded Bay Enterprises Limited in 1974. Since then they have been successfully operating on more than 80 hectares of oyster and quahog beds in Malagash, Nova Scotia. They operate a shellfish hatchery, nursery system, and in-bay oyster spat collection of native oysters and quahogs using traditional and modern techniques. The Purdy family believes in the sustainable production of oysters and quahogs that protect the ecology of the area and provide a safe, nutritious and of course delicious product.

Main characteristics:

Their Malagash clams have a tender, sweet meat with a mildly briny finish. They make an excellent addition to a raw bar or steam up and bake nicely.

Health benefits + nutrition facts:

Clams are high are high in many vitamins and minerals including selenium, manganese, vitamin C, B12, copper, phosphorus, and riboflavin. Clams are a great source of protein, while still being low in fat, essential for building and repairing muscles and tissue. A single protein serving (3 ounces) of fresh clams provides 2/3 of the amount of iron you need in a day, not the mention, the vitamin C in the clams helps you better absorb the iron. High levels of B12 are also present in clams. B12 is another vitamin that is needed for making DNA and maintaining nerve function.

Fun facts:

The Purdy family has been featured as notable Dalhousie Alumni! For more information check out HERE.


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25 clams, 50 clams, 100 clams


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