How to skip a week (Cratejoy platform):

  1. Select Subscriptions – this can be accessed from the HOME page, if you are already here click EXISTING subscribers.


2. If you started your subscription prior to November 2017, you will most likely be registered under the Cratejoy subscription platform. Scroll down and click the blue button that says CRATEJOY PLATFORM.

3. Enter your login info.

4. Your account page will look something like the following – all the blacked out boxes will reflect your own information (i.e. name, email, credit card info, etc.). You can edit your account preferences by clicking the orange EDIT button.

5. After you select EDIT, you will have an option to skip your next renewal. You can skip up to three weeks at a time by emailing

6. And you’ve done it! If you are experiencing any issues feel free to contact us at, or call us at 902-402-5662 (M-F), or 902-717-7657 (Sat.). Note: All Catch of the Week renewals occur on MONDAY, if you wish to skip a week, please suspend your account by the previous SUNDAY.