Oyster of the Month: Foxley River


This month’s featured oyster for our monthly Oyster Box Club was none other than the Foxley River. This is a beloved oyster by all, not only for its creaminess and delicate balance of sweet and salty, but for its perfectly formed shape, deep cup, full meat, and shuck- ability.

In the words of Martin O’Brien (one of the main growers behind the whole operation!):

“…they are a cocktail oyster that are 3-4 years old. Tumbled to encourage thickness and round shape.  We don’t harvest early just because “they reached market length”, we wait it out an extra 1-2 years so that they are at peak maturity and meatiness. Because of this, they’re extremely easy to shuck! They’re grown using off-bottom cage culture by the O’Brien family in Foxley River, which is part of the Cascumpec Bay river system.  Our lease is near a peat-bog which gives our oysters a [insert flavour notes here] and has a nice salty taste, but not too much.”

Foxley River oysters hail from the Cascumpec Bay Oyster Company , a family run business in operation since 2007. The farm was originally started by Pat and Darlene O’Brien but was expanded on when Martin and Matt teamed up in 2015. Since then, they have added a few more independent growers to the roster, Ryan Leclair, an electrician by trade, and Aaron Sweet who has deep familial roots on the Island.

Martin O’Brien alongside Matt Morgan on the farm.
Ryan Leclair, tending to his oysters in the rich waters near Cascumpec Bay.


Pat and Marlene O’Brien, the original farmers and choosiest oyster graders.
Aaron Sweet tending to his Sweet Select oyster lease.

An excellent oyster, the Foxley River is wonderful whether you’re a beginner in the oyster consumption world or a complete expert. Want to sign up for our OYSTER OF THE MONTH CLUB? Just check it out on our Monthly Subscription Page.





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