1. In the Catch of the Week newsletter you will see a button that will take you to the COTW-add ons page. These items are password protected so that only subscribers have access to them. The password will be provided in the newsletter. For the week of April 2, the add-on page looked like this: 
  2. If you want to add scallops or halibut, the process is the same. In this example, we will select scallops. 
  3. Once selected you will be brought to a page displaying only that product. Click ADD TO CART. 
  4. Once it has been added to your cart you will see a banner pop up showing that it has been added. You can also look for your cart in the top right corner of your screen.

5. To view your cart click, VIEW CART. It should look something like the following: 

6. Scrolling down, you should see an option to select a shipping method, this is where you would select your pick-up hub.

7. Next you will click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT. Note: If you have ever bought anything off the website before, or you are subscribed under the new platform, you will click returning customer. If you haven’t bought off the website before and are subscribed under the old platform you will need to scroll down and enter your information.

8. Once returning customer has been selected it will look like the following and you can enter your information to proceed to the checkout page:

9. The checkout page will look like this. As a returning customer, most of your personal information should automatically be entered.

10. Scrolling down you will see your order and pick-up hub.

11. Continue scrolling down and you will see an orange button that says PLACE ORDER. This will finalize the process.

12. The final checkout page will look like this. You will get an email confirming your order. Enjoy! If you are experiencing any issues please do not hesitate to reach out! Give us a ring at 902 402 5662 or email hello@afishionado.ca