ShanDaph Oysters


Fresh 12 or 25 count bag of Oysters from ShanDaph Oysters, farmed on Big island, Nova Scotia. Two sizes available:

  • Small choice are evenly-shaped, easier to shuck and ideal for eating raw on the half shell.
  • Small/Medium Standards
    • Standards tend to be less consistent in shape, *can* be trickier to open, will be larger, and ideal for the BBQ, oysters rockefeller, or breaded and deep fried!



ShanDaph oysters is the only solar powered oyster farm in Atlantic Canada.

ShanDaph Oysters was established in May of 1999, but its roots reach back over thirty years.Owner/Operator Philip Docker’s grandparents helped to reestablish the growing and the harvesting of oysters on the pristine shores of Big Island, Nova Scotia. Over the decades, the native oyster seed they set in the 1960s and 1970s has matured into productive oyster beds. ShanDaphs are housed in growout units suspended in a water column, where they feed on the nutrient-rich waters of the ShanDaph farm. By completing the growth process suspended in the rich tidal waters of Big Island, ShanDaph ensures optimum growth conditions from the time they are set at less than a millimeter in size, to harvest at over 76 millimeters in size. The total process takes between three to five years.

Show your support for Atlantic oyster suppliers and get a little shucked up this COVID season!

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25 Small Choice, 12 Small Choice, 12 Small Medium Standard


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