Pancake Mix


850 g of dry pancake mix. Handmade by Sugar Moon Farm.


Sugar Moon Farm began in 1973 as Boondock Maple Products + Pancake House, owned and operated by Bob Williams.  Bob moved to Earltown from Vermont and created this farm using draft horse power:  he cleared the land with horses, built a sweet little house and barn, a log sugar camp and pancake house and a 2100 tap maple operation.

Quita and Scott met Bob in 1994.  He was ready to pass on the farm to someone who would continue making maple syrup on the property.   We commenced a 2-year apprenticeship, learning the crafts of maple sugaring and horse logging.

In 1996, we took over the farm and renamed it Sugar Moon Farm.  Today we have 2500 taps, a log sugar camp and restaurant and we’re open year round.  We proudly continue the spring tradition of creating exceptional maple syrup over an evaporator fired with mountain hardwood.

In 2001 we expanded the business to open year round, celebrating this Great Canadian Experience in all four seasons.

Sugar Moon Farm is a working maple farm, woodlot and restaurant.  We produce quality food in a manner that supports local agriculture and community and respects land and water.  To this end, we buy locally, sort and compost all kitchen waste and use a composting system for our public washrooms.

Scott and Quita are active members of Slow Food International and Slow Food Nova Scotia.  Sugar Moon Farm is a member of Taste Nova Scotia and has received regional and provincial tourism awards.  We enjoy visitors from all over the world and welcome back families year after year.


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