Live, In-shell Sea Scallops

Fresh, live, in-shell sea scallops from Duncan Bates, out of Snake Island, NS (along our beautiful South Shore). The scallops are $2.50 per piece and come in minimum increments of 10. 

***Orders must be in by Sunday at midnight for delivery the following week.***

Method: Aquaculture


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Why are these so hard to find?

Well, federal regulations require that all fished sea scallops are shucked at sea, so the only way we can get them live in the shell to you is from Aquaculture. To date, there are very few sites in Nova Scotia. This is week’s supplier is Duncan Bates. These beautiful scallops allow for some unique preparations: you can try to the coral (or the roe), the liver or simply broil the whole scallop on the half shell. You can also serve your scallops on half-shell which is sure to impress !!

See some recipes here:

Recipe 1, Recipe 2, Recipe 3.

Scallop facts:

  • Atlantic Sea Scallops are bi-valve molluscs. These animals have two hinged shells formed of calcium carbonate. Bivalves such as scallops are threatened by ocean acidification, which affects the ability of this organism to build strong shells.
  • Scallops have eyes! Scallops have hundreds of beautiful blue eyes around the edge of the shell, each of which can form an image using a combination of a lens, a focusing mirror, and retina. Scientists hypothesize that they use their eyes to sense potential predators, find good habitats and decide whether the concentration of suspended particles and water flow rates are sufficient for feeding.


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