Fresh Sea Urchins (NL)


These wild sea urchins were diver caught in Newfoundland. There are approximately 5-10 urchins per 1 lb.

Sea urchins or Uni, live on the shell are a delicacy. For more information on how to open them see here: VIDEO.



Sea urchins are enjoyed in a variety of ways—both raw and in prepared dishes. Due to it’s delicate taste, they are best served with foods that have a neutral flavour, such as pasta or toast. But how exactly does it taste? Those who have tried one often have a difficult time describing the taste. It has a sweet, yet subtle, fresh-from-the-ocean flavour and is often compared to oysters.

They’re most commonly found in rocky coastal areas and have small tube feet that allow them to cling to rocks.


The key to enjoying fresh, delicious sea urchin, or uni as it’s called in Japan, is to separate the orange meat from the internal walls of the spiny shell. These five orange pieces are actually the reproductive organs of the sea urchin. (READ MORE)

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1 lb, 4 lb