Whole Sustainable Blue Salmon


~10 lbs Whole Sustainable blue Atlantic salmon fish head on and gutted. Perfect for the BBQ!


NOTE: The approximate price for whole salmon is $80 – final price will be determined at order fulfillment based on weight. A $50 deposit is required at time of order, and the difference will be charged to your credit card when the fish is weighed and delivered.


Orders must be placed by TUESDAY 8 AM for delivery/pick-up THURSDAY or FRIDAY. 


Product name: Atlantic Salmon

Scientific name: Salmo salar       

Supplier(s): Sustainable Blue

Method: Land-based recirculating aquaculture

Location: Centre Burlington, NS

Website: Sustainable Blue


General description:

Located near the Bay of Fundy, Sustainable Blue is a Canadian producer of land-raised, farmed fish. They use cutting-edge technology to operate an earth-friendly, land-based recirculation fish farming program. Their technology replicates the natural environment of the ocean, maintaining stasis, and avoiding fluctuations in water quality, which are commonly associated with other forms of fish farming. This allows the fish to perform to the best of their natural ability.

All Sustainable Blue fish are disease and chemical free! Infections typically come into farms from either the sea or when fish are imported from another farm. Sustainable Blue has defences against both. Any water that is brought onto the farm from the sea if sterilized using ozone and all fry (baby fish) are tested exhaustively for infection, under the supervision of the Canadian fish health authorities. The results? Sustainable Blue farms are disease-free and there is no risk to local, wild fish stocks.

Rearing fish in optimal conditions results in the frugal use of valuable resources. For example, and perhaps most importantly, Sustainable Blue fish convert their food very efficiently, more efficiently than ever before. Sustainable Blue is currently conducting their own research and development program into the production of basic marine feed materials on land. More details about this program will be announced in the months to come!

Main characteristics:

Due to its delicate flavour Atlantic salmon is a popular fish that can be prepared in a variety of ways – from raw, to herb crusted, to maple and soy-sauce glazed. It has a firmer flesh that will naturally vary in colour from a light pink to deep orange. Because of the pristine conditions in which Sustainable Blue salmon are raised, and natural feed, they pack a flavour that will parallel a wild Atlantic salmon.

Health benefits + nutrition facts:

Atlantic salmon is rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. EPA and DHA are credited with health benefits such as decreasing inflammation, lowering blood pressure, and improving the function of the cells that line arteries. Salmon is also rich in protein – a 3.5 oz. serving can contain upwards of 24 grams of protein! Salmon is also high in B vitamins, which help turn food into energy and create and repair DNA. Finally, salmon is a good source of potassium, selenium, and antioxidants.

Fun facts:

To learn more about the Sustainable Blue operation download their marketing booklet! HERE

Certifications: OceanWise

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