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Customizable Subscription Boxes

What is a Big/Little Fish subscription?

We came up with the idea of seafood subscription boxes a couple of years ago because we had so many friends coming up to us saying, “I wish I could get to your shop more often”, or “I want to eat seafood more often, but can’t make it in every week”.

We thought hmm… this process of eating healthy, of getting more fish into your diet, and choosing options that are ocean-friendly is overwhelming. On top of that, having to go to a specialty shop that wasn’t in your neighbourhood, made getting healthy, ocean-friendly, seafood into your diet pretty difficult.

Coming from the agriculture world, we saw the innovations farmers were making through Community Supported Agriculture schemes (CSAs), weekly veg boxes direct from the farm – from there blossomed the idea for a monthly fish box.

Fish you can trust, ordered on a recurring basis so you get the weekly feed of seafood we know we should all be consuming more regularly. All delivered right to your home in Halifax. Could it get any easier than that?

Surprisingly, for a seafaring province, we don’t eat that much seafood and we aren’t very adventurous. Maybe our grandparents over did it?! We’ve never totally figured that one out. What we have figured out is a monthly service that gets your family enough weekly servings of seafood, hassle-free, delivered directly to your door!

We want to make it easy. Our seafood is really the best there is to offer. It’s our history, our future.

We offer two sizes of boxes on a subscription basis. The Little Fish box comes with ~9-19 portions (6oz) of your favourite seafood. The Big Fish box is perfect for a family of seafood lovers with options for everyone and comes with ~12-33 portions (6oz) per box.

The unique feature of these boxes is that you choose your own fish. No surprises. These boxes are fully customizable and you can switch out different fishes each month to keep it lively!

Our reusable cooler bag initiative helps to reduce waste and ensures that even if you are not home at the time of delivery, your fish stays cold and fresh.

What is Included?

Our Little Fish and Big Fish boxes come together in 4 easy steps. Choose one or two products per step, depending on the size of your box, and create a seafood box that works for you.

Little Fish:

4 options for $80 a month. Choose one product from each tier! Average cost per portion is $5.71/6oz. Check it out here.

Big Fish:

6 options for $120/month. Choose 1 product from step 1, 2 products from step 2, 2 products from step 3, 1 product from step 4. Average cost per portion is $5.33/6oz. Check it out here.

Here are the variety of products within each step:
Step 1:

Atlantic Haddock, Homestyle Fish Cakes, Salted Haddock, Smoked Haddock, Ocean Perch, Icelandic Haddock, Yellowfin Tuna Steaks

Step 2:

Chowder Mix, Scallop Pieces, Rainbow Trout, Coldwater Shrimp, Black Tiger Shrimp, White Shrimp, Arctic Char, Classic Hot Smoked Salmon, Peppered Hot Smoked Salmon, Atlantic Candied Salmon

Step 3:

Haddock Pieces, Breaded Haddock, Halibut Steak, Sustainable Blue Salmon, Nova Lox, Wild BC Spot Prawns, Sockeye Salmon

Step 4:

Atlantic Candied Salmon (x2), Classic Hot Smoked Salmon (x2), Peppered Hot Smoked Salmon (x2), Atlantic Sea Scallops

Not sure what to choose? Check out our curated box recommendations here. There’s something for everyone!

Why Choose our Boxes?


We offer free home delivery in Halifax and many surrounding communities every Thursday. You choose your fish, and we do the rest. Our cooler bag program ensures your fish stays extra fresh even if you are not home to receive your delivery. Canada’s Food Guide recommends consuming two servings of seafood per week, but meal planning can be difficult. We help take the overwhelming choice out of it.


Consuming seafood at least once per week has many known health benefits, so let us hook you up! Omega-3 consumption is important for heart and brain health, and can even help you live longer. Fish is full of lean protein and contains tons of vitamins and minerals like vitamin D and magnesium. Healthy eating has never been easier. Getting a month’s worth of your weekly fish feed, delivered directly to your door, helps take the guesswork out of it.


Fish is one of the most sustainable sources of protein that there is! In comparison to land-based animal proteins (beef, poultry, pork, dairy), seafood produces significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions. To ensure responsible sourcing, we also use Ocean Wise recommendations to guide our fish sourcing. Ocean Wise is a global environmental charity that addresses overfishing, ocean pollution and climate change. Wherever you see that stamp of approval, you know you can really trust where your seafood comes from!


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