When you sign up for our SUBSCRIPTION PLANS, like CATCH OF THE WEEK, you will receive a share of fresh seafood, sustainably-harvested by small scale fishermen every week or month!  Collect your share from neighbourhood hubs across the Maritimes every THURSDAY or FRIDAY.

By curating a catalogue of sustainable, transparent, low-impact seafood, we hope to educate through the language of delicious food.

Oh yeah, and there is no commitment – skip a week whenever you like!

How it works

Fish or Shellfish

Choose your catch - fish or a mix of fish and shellfish.

Big or Little

Choose your amount - little (1 lb) or big (2 lb).

Pick up hub

Choose a convenient pick up hub located near your home or workplace.

Choose your Catch


Receive a share of fish every week, based on seasonal availability


Receive a share of fish or shellfish, alternating weekly, depending on seasonal availability

We'll source your catch

from low-impact, sustainable, small scale fisheries. Each share includes information on the fisher or farmer, location, and fishing method.

Choose your amount


Receive 1 lb of fish or the equivalent value of shellfish.


Receive 2 lb of fish or the equivalent value of shellfish.


Receive 1 lb of fish and one share of shellfish.

Pick up hub


A pick up hub that is convenient for you.

pick your seafood up

Every Thursday or Friday (depending on location).

want to skip a week?

Skip a week, or put your subscription on hold. Skips must be placed the Friday before your pick up. the following week.