Wholesaling with Afishionado

We specialize in supplying restaurants, retailers, and institutions with fresh and fresh-frozen sustainable seafood from small-scale, community-based fishermen and aquaculturalists straight to you.

We build and maintain close relationships with those who catch our fish, and work hard to help foster a fair, transparent, traceable, and sustainable exchange of seafood in the Maritimes from the ocean all the way to your kitchen and your customers’ plates.

We regularly offer a shifting range of seafood, from sustainable land-based farmed aquaculture products, low-impact wild caught seafood, and the best selection of Nova Scotian shellfish on the Peninsula.

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Our Suppliers

Bay Enterprises Limited

The Purdy family has been growing oysters since 1867, but Charles Purdy along with his wife Nancy and daughter Rachel, founded Bay Enterprises Limited in 1974. Since then they have been successfully operating on more than 80 hectares of oyster and quahog beds. They operate a shellfish hatchery, nursery system, and in-bay oyster spat collection of native oysters and quahogs using traditional and modern techniques. The Purdy family believes in the sustainable production of oysters and quahogs that protect the ecology of the area and provide a safe, nutritious and of course delicious product.

L’Étang Ruisseau Bar Ltd
L’Étang Ruisseau Bar Ltd is a family-owned business that has been producing oysters for over 30 years. The company sells two brands of oysters, namely “La St-Simon” and “La Mallet” which are grown off the coast of Shippagan, New Brunswick. La St-Simon oysters are grown in the shallow pristine St-Simon Bay which is surrounded by peat bogs and salt marshes where they are grown in floating bags and oysters tables from May to November. La Mallet oysters are grown on ropes which are hung from rafts in a saltwater pond, then transferred to St-Simon Bay in September.

Eel Lake Oyster Farm

Eel Lake Oyster Farm has been operated by Nolan D’Eon and his family since 1996. Nolan D’Eon has a strong fishing background and oyster farming has allowed him fulfill his dreams of living and working on the water. Eel Lake Oyster Farm is nestled in the clean, cool waters of Eel Lake and is producing approximately three million Atlantic Oysters at any given time. These oysters come in four sizes: small, medium, large and jumbo. They are intense in flavour with a creamy texture and just the right amount of chew. Nolan’s determination and hard work reveals a high quality product that has made them a major producer of Atlantic Oysters.

Cabot Oysters

Cabot Oyster is owned and operated by the Mattie family who are strong members of the Nova Scotian fishing community. They harvest high quality oysters in the clean, nutrient rich waters of Havre Boucher, Antigonish county in Nova Scotia. These oysters grown naturally in bottom culture methods until they are large enough for harvest. When you try Cabot Oysters you will sense a flavourful sweet and salty tones that are unique to the water they are grown in.

Sam’s Point Oyster Company

Sam’s Point Oysters is a family owned business that has been operating in Mabou Harbour, on Cape Breton Island since 2005. Jeff Lee owner and operator prides his company on selling organic, sustainable and delicious oysters. At Mabou Harbour, the oysters are harvested by hand by snorkelling down to the reef beds These oysters have a mild salty flavour and a substantial body with supporting sweetness.


ShanDaph was founded in 1999 by owner and operator Philip Docker, who has strong roots in Oyster farming as his grandparents had been harvesting off the pristine shores of Big Island, Nova Scotia for over thirty years. The oyster company ShanDaph is Philips tribute to this grandparents names Shan Baudoux and Daphne Baudox. These premium quality Oysters are housed in growout units that are suspended in the clean, nutrient-rich waters, taking them between three and five years to reach the appropriate size.

Sustainable Blue

Sustainable Blue, near the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia, is a Canadian producer of sustainably raised fish of the highest quality. They use proprietary aquaculture technology to operate an earth-friendly land-based recirculation fish farming operation. They are committed to product quality, environmental responsibility, and commercial success through sustainable practices.