Let's Talk Fish

We like fish, and we’re eager to share our knowledge and passion with the public. We hope to educate the public on the importance of sustainable seafood, as well as behind the scenes information about the inner workings of a sustainable seafood monger.

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We’re Hiring a Logistics Delivery Driver!

Afishionado is a community-minded fishmongers that is dedicated to bringing the fishing traditions of Nova Scotia back to the plates of consumers. For us, knowing the story behind the fish we sell is important. We follow Ocean Wise www.oceanwise.ca/ certification as our main guide, a classification that ensures responsibility to a fishery’s abundance and catch

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Oyster of the Month: Foxley River

This month’s featured oyster for our monthly Oyster Box Club was none other than the Foxley River. This is a beloved oyster by all, not only for its creaminess and delicate balance of sweet and salty, but for its perfectly formed shape, deep cup, full meat, and shuck- ability. In the words of Martin O’Brien

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Seasons are changing – and so are we, here at Afishionado

Over the course of the last year, maintaining Catch of the Week as a premiere first subscription service has become a challenge.  Recently, the availability of fresh-caught, local, wild species has been declining.  Access to large, pelagic fish that have been caught using a method we support has been an issue. The logistics of serving

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Chef Spotlight: Cody Wallace

Pictured: Chef Cody Wallace, Shuck Seafood + Raw Bar Meet Chef Cody Wallace. While photographing some delicious cajun shrimp for our featured recipe this week, we had a chance to sit down with Chef Cody and talk about his experience in the food industry, love for the east coast, and beliefs about sustainable (sea)food. Originally

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ShanDaph Aquaculture is hiring summer students!

ShanDaph Aquaculture is an environmentally sustainable, organic aquaculture operation, located in Big Island, Nova Scotia. The boutique operation grows primarily oysters, as well as bay scallops and quahogs, in the Northumberland Strait waters of Atlantic Canada. ShanDaph Oysters focuses on providing consistently high quality, fresh shellfish. Only the plumpest, tastiest shellfish with consistent size and

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We’re hiring a CLEAN Leadership Summer Intern!

As the shape of the job market changes and the demand for innovation increases, Nova Scotia needs youth who are literate in environmental and sustainability issues and jobs that thrive in a low-carbon economy. Clean Foundation is helping youth develop a career path focused on this by providing them with the resources and tools to

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