Catch of the Month Membership

$0.00 every 6 years

  • First access to exclusive specials.
  • Subscribe to our monthly seafood boxes.
  • Tickets to quarterly events, including tours, workshops, and tastings. ​
  • Support local fishers and farmers.

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Joining the Catch of the Month Club for $10 a year allows you to subscribe to monthly seafood boxes, get first access to our specials, and invitations to quarterly shucking workshops, tastings, tours, and special events. The $10 membership pays for the platform used to host these bonuses.



  • Community support allows us to purchase your favourite fish and shellfish when it is in season, and freeze it at peak freshness so it is available year round, increasing access to premium seafood.​


  • Support allows us to establish a transparent supply chain from boat to plate, and contribute to more sustainable fishing practices.​

Fair Pricing

  • The membership gives you better pricing than you will find in store.​

Reduces Food Waste

  • A frozen supply chain simplifies logistics and reduces waste – defrost exactly what you want, when you want it!​

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