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Pan Fried Smelts

Hi there fellow seafood lovers! My name is Keely, I am the winter 2022 co-op student here at Afishionado Fishmongers. I was so excited to find out we were receiving smelts because it is such a nostalgic meal for me! Growing up in the most northern part of New Brunswick, a quaint town named Dalhousie, my family like many others consumed smelts left and right when they were in season. Everytime my parents visit, they bring up several pounds of smelts to family members here because there's nothing like a North Shore smelt, which is why you should get yours now while they’re in season. The best part: they’re already gutted and beheaded!

I can see where these would be an intimidating ingredient to use, but there are several different ways to cook smelts. My family's favourite way to enjoy them is pan fried, it is easy and delicious! Today I will share this special recipe with you all. Use this for your next party horderves, family night, date night or girls night.

This recipe can be adjusted to what best suits your living situation, this would typically feed two adults. If you have a family, simply double the ingredients, our 3 lb bags would be perfect for families. Unfortunately the season for smelts is short so we will not have fresh for very long, however, we have several packs of 0.5 lb, 1lb, and 3lb frozen smelts, all you’d have to do is thaw them!


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