Oyster Box Club

From: $75.00 / month

Temporarily, all oysters will be ShanDaph oysters due to COVID-19.

Pick ups will occur on the first THURSDAY of every month.

Support local oyster farmers.

Get access to the same oysters as chefs.

Eat more oysters.




Support local oyster farmers using sustainable practices to grow and harvest great quality oysters. Get exclusive access to the same, freshly harvested oysters that you find in Nova Scotia’s best restaurants.

Each month you will receive a box of 50 or 100 oysters chosen by the Afishionado team. Each shipment includes information about the oyster farm, the people that grew the oysters, farming methods, and tasting notes.

The Oyster Box renews on the 1st of each month, and is available for pickup on the following THURSDAY.

You can cancel at any time, change your pick up hub throughout the subscription, or “skip” a month to suit your schedule.


**Upon sign up the Catch of the Month membership fee ($10) will automatically be added to your cart**

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50 Oysters – $75, 100 Oysters – $140