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Hana Nelson

Owner, Fishmonger

Hana Nelson has a strong, diverse background in food and food systems. After completing her Masters in Agro-Ecology abroad she returned home armed with the determination to reconnect Nova Scotians to their most valuable resource – the ocean! As a result, she started Afishionado Fishmongers in 2014, a company that solely focused on sustainably farmed and fished products. Starting out as a humble fish counter in a local grocer, Afishionado has developed to become the staple brand for chefs, restaurants, retailers, home-cooks, and general foodies and seafood lovers alike! Hana is passionate about connecting people with their food and being an advocate for small, owner-operated, women-run businesses.

Laurie Starr

Operations & Logistics Manager

Laurie Starr is a graduate of Dalhousie University where she majored in Marine Biology. With a solid foundation in science she has recently completed a Masters of Marine Management. As part of her masters Laurie spent several months in Indonesia working with a local NGO and learning about the intricacies of the small-scale fisheries sector. She hopes to be able to apply some of this knowledge to the Nova Scotian context. Laurie is excited to be a part of the Afishionado team and the larger movement of reconnecting people to the origins of their food and sustainable thinking. In her spare time, Laurie indulges in Ultimate Frisbee, bouldering, and hosting potlucks.

Chad Poirier

Sales and product development

Chad Poirier is a 14 year veteran of the seafood industry with a wealth of experience that spans from retail to international lobster export, most recently working with a Panama-based open ocean aquaculture startup. Originally from outside Vancouver, many weekends of his youth were spent wandering the local public markets cultivating a love for fine seafood that remains to this day. Some years ago he started smoking fish as a hobby because the kinds of products he was used to getting on the West Coast simply didn’t exist in Nova Scotia. This hobby turned into a vocation during the COVID-19 pandemic while others were pickling or baking sourdough, and now he’s on our team developing the first all-sustainable line of smoked fish products in the Maritimes with our CFIA-inspected smoke room.

Harrison Callaghan

Retail and Marketing Manager

Harrison Callaghan comes from a large family of oyster farmers and lobster fishermen all over Prince Edward Island. On his mother’s side, his grandparents run Leslie Hardy and Sons Oyster Farm, and on his father’s side, his uncle Johnny Flynn runs Colville Bay Oyster Company. His mother, Janet Hardy Callaghan, is a Guinness World Record oyster shucker so she has taught him her ways with the knife. With a keen interest in customer relations and marketing, Harrison carries on with his heritage through retail and marketing for Afishionado. His goal is to see the community gather around sustainably sourced seafood and take pride in our local suppliers. 

Kerry Melanson

Order fulfillment and Sales

Kerry Melanson attended Liaison private college culinary school in Toronto for two and a half years and graduated with a culinary arts and management degree. Kerry started his culinary career and spent the last ten years in the Toronto culinary industry specializing in fermentation and French cuisine. Kerry has worked and excelled at managing large restaurants but decided he wanted a change of pace and joined us at Afishionado. Having worked in the restaurant industry, Kerry is committed to connecting chefs with high-quality, sustainable seafood. In his free time, Kerry enjoys BMX biking and spending time outdoors.

Jacob McNutt

Processing and Order Fulfilment

Jacob McNutt is an employee who enjoys building on past knowledge and believes learning new skills is important. With his retail experience in meat and seafood, Jacob is not unfamiliar with the farm (or ocean) to table process.  He is excited to explore the opportunities Afishionado will provide him and is proud to be a part of the sustainability movement that we predominantly value. In his free time, Jacob is often found at the gym, watching sports, or reading a book of choice.

Anabella B. Smith

Marketing and Branding Intern

Anabella Bergmame-Smith is a Marketing Major at Dalhousie University. Anabella comes from a small town on Cape Breton Island and has grown up on the ocean her whole life. Anabella brings experience from many entrepreneurial ventures focused on sustainability, habitat rehabilitation, and innovation. She is a nature lover and is passionate about sustainability, wildlife protection, and giving back to her community. Anabella is also a photographer and enjoys taking pictures of nature, landscapes and lifestyles. In her free time, Anabella enjoys hiking, riding horses, and reading a good book. 

Morgan Roulston

Sustainable Seafood Ambassador

Morgan Roulston is a Sustainability and International Development student at Dalhousie University. Morgan is from Calgary, Alberta, and left the Rocky Mountains to move to the coast and be closer to the ocean. Morgan hopes to build her career around the Sustainable Development Goals and help people through humanitarianism. She is also passionate about the environment and is committed to helping the fight against climate change. In her free time, Morgan loves to surf, dance, and cook.


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