Black Tiger Shrimp (16/20)


Ocean Wise sustainably farmed Black Tiger Shrimp raised in small-scale farms in Mangrove Forests of Vietnam. Each pack will be around two (2) pounds. They’re IQF frozen so take as many or as little as you want out at a time!


Selva Black Tiger Shrimp are premium-quality and naturally grown in the mangrove forests by small-scale farmers in Southern Vietnam. Selva Black Tiger shrimp are caught by net and immediately put on ice to preserve freshness and their natural taste. These shrimp not only offer a unique sustainable seafood choice, but also create a direct link between consumers and farming communities in Southeast Asia.

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1 lb bag 21/25 RAW (head off in shell), 1 lb bag 26/30 COOKED (head off in shell), 1 lb bag 26/30 RAW (head off in shell), 1 lb bag 13/15 PEELED, 1 lb bag 16/20 easy peel (shell on)