Yellowfin Tuna Steak - 6 oz frozen steaks


Oceanwise recommended pole and line caught tuna steaks from Vietnam. Each steak is 6 oz.


Source: Sea Delight
Method: Pole and Line
Location: Vietnam

Why Tuna From Abroad?

As a company we value all the aspects of a fishery, or aquaculture facility, that make it “sustainable” – including social enterprise, economic development, and of course, environmental impact.

The method in which this tuna was caught is called pole and line, a method that is considered highly sustainable: it catches one fish at a time and, because juvenile and mature tuna typically live at different depths, makes it possible to avoid catching juvenile fish by altering the depth of the line.  This kind of ultra-specific fishing just can’t be accomplished with larger scale operations.


The North Atlantic tuna fishery has a history of being severly overfished, and consequently, there is very little sustainable tuna that is available locally. By supporting sustainablee initiatives around the world, we hope to promote sustainable practices everywhere, and inspire Canadian fisheries to follow suit.

The tuna is shipped frozen via containership, rather than flown in fresh- decreasing its carbon footprint.