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Selva Shrimp

We are proud to source our black tiger shrimp from Selva Shrimp. They specialize in producing high-quality, sustainable shrimp for seafood consumers. They are committed to reducing their environmental impact and ensuring the welfare of the shrimp. To get to know them better, here are 5 of the key reasons why we choose to source products from Selva Shrimp:


Sustainable Farming

Selva Shrimp is an innovative and sustainable shrimp farming method that provides everything the shrimp need to grow without using feed or chemicals. The program works in harmony with the environment, making it a more sustainable seafood choice than conventional shrimp farming methods.

Healthy Mangrove Forests

Mangrove forests are crucial to Selva Shrimp’s small environmental footprint and exceptional quality. By partnering with small-scale farmers, Selva Shrimp creates direct incentives for farmers to keep mangrove forests intact.

GMO Free

Selva Shrimp is 100% GMO-free. Unlike other shrimp farming methods that commonly use genetically modified feed, Selva Shrimp never uses feed, making it a healthier and more natural option.

Certified and Recommended

Selva Shrimp is certified according to the strictest environmental standards and is recommended by Ocean Wise as a sustainable seafood choice.

Quality Assurance

Selva Shrimp has an integrated quality assurance system that guarantees the highest product quality, freshness, and food safety for all of its products. They have a compliance management process in place to ensure that every bag of Selva Shrimp meets its stringent standards for sustainability and quality.

Credit: Nicole Lapierre Photography

Explore Selva Shrimp at Afishionado!

We are pleased to offer a full array of black tiger shrimp sizes from Selva Shrimp including:

13/15 (340 g and 2 lb bags)

16/20 (340 g and 2 lb bags)

21/25 (340 g and 2 lb bags)

26/30 (340 g and 2 lb bags)

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